This started with soft scraps of clay and transformed into a teapot. My amazing daughter was with me in the studio and she added the butterflies. The glaze was a Cone 6 creme that didn’t like the stoneware clay body very much. it was painted on, instead of being dipped. I also painted a manganese stain on the butterflies, before bisque firing. In the end, I dipped the whole thing in a clear glaze.

I’m on the fence about how I feel for this piece. I think I like it more because my daughter helped me with it. But my eyes keep finding it and staring at it for a long time. I think I’m waiting for whatever beauty will emerge from the ugly chrysalis.

Dimension: W – 15″ (38.1cm) x H – 9″ (22.9cm) x D – 5″ (12.7cm)

Available to own: $125 (plus shipping and handling)

See more at Arts MPerron @

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