I used a terracotta clay body and wanted to see just how thin I could go. I managed to get it down to about 2mm thick. I had to time it just right, as working it too wet would leave me with tears in the clay, and it wouldn’t hold up on its own. Too dry, and it would crack as I folded it. I did these very slowly and dried them even slower. I worked them over e few weeks, always carefully sponging them smooth with a damp sponge. When they were leather hard, I covered them with damp newspaper and let them dry over a month. After bisque firing, I brushed on the oxide stains and pigmented clear glaze, adding a celadon to the upper rim. I knew it would drip during firing, because of the interaction between oxides and glazes; I just hoped it wouldn’t drop to the kiln shelves. My gamble paid off. They were fired at Cone 6 and feel as light and sturdy as porcelains.


  • Small Vase: H -9″ (22.9cm) x W – 5″ (12.7cm) x D – 4″ (10.2cm)
  • Large Vase: H – 10.5″ (26.7cm) x W – 6″ (15.2cm) x D – 5″ (12.7cm)

Available to Own:

  • Small Vase: $200 (plus shipping and handling)
  • Large Vase: $300 (plus shipping and handling)

See more at Arts MPerron @ https://1-mario-perron.pixels.com


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