Back to my fluted faces, filled with joy and music. These are repositories of happiness and perhaps I have not let that go into the universe enough. I love these figures and have the devil of a time explaining why to others. Maybe I just did: they are full of happiness, but also sadness at how I haven’t yet been able to share that feeling with my audience.

This is all slab-built; each part built separately and attached while still wet-ish. I contemplated burnishing the surface, then changed my mind and used white terrasigilatta on the shirt; I had an idea that I could stain it blue after the bisque; I used a damp sponge to smooth out the seams and let dry slowly to bone dry, then bisqued it; a cobalt blue oxide was painted on the white; a light rubbing with a sponge of iron oxide on the naked terracotta; glaze fired in an electric kiln to Cone 04.

Dimensions : H – 46cm x W – 49cm x D -18cm

Available to own: $250cnd (plus any applicable shipping and handling)

My mentor’s prompt: this series was to create ceramic boxes that could contain treasures from our lives, including memories and experiences. They were all to be between 3″ and 12″ tall. Originally focusing on form, over the finish, and using a variety of hand-building techniques: pinch-pot, slab, coil, and/or carved. We were quickly given the greater choice of engobes, stains, & glazes, but I had already built my series to focus on form. The finishes are the proverbial icing on the cake. I pushed these colour choices to emphasize contrasts and build tension, but not distract from the forms and textures.

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