Last summer I started to redesign Sawsan’s office into a more comfortable space. I got some information from her as to some of the things she’d love to see there. What I got from the suggestions was she wanted to have a calm place all her own… her own Zen Den. Suddenly, pieces of furniture that might work with the space started to become available to us: a mid-century modern shelving unit; a funky mid-century modern desk; a high-backed cozy chair, etc… 

This holiday break I was determined to make it all work for her. I started by painting the room a warm grey-white, we changed the curtains to some gossamer, golden ones from her old apartment, made her a covered pin-board, put up a hanging net, and added a nice old mirror. All that was left was to add some art.

For a while I’ve been promising to paint her an elephant. I showed her some pictures, got some ideas of the feeling she wanted, and gessoed my large canvas (40” x 40” x 2”). 

Then I started… 

The image I’ve included here is the inspiration for what will become my painting of Sawsan’s Elephant. I intend to show you the steps in the process of making it. 

Stay tuned…

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