It’s been about three weeks since I touched this painting. Partially because I haven’t had as much time to focus on it, and partially due to not being sure what more to add. I still wanted to make the skin more muted and grey, but just couldn’t visualize it. Sawsan has been looking at it daily and last week asked me when I was going to hang it in her Zen Den, because it looked done and she liked it the way it was. So, I decided to give it a last push, stared at it for a few hours over several days, and just decided to dry brush grey to mute out the harder lines.

This is one of those times where I have to accept that the painting (and the person I’m making it for) might be right about it being finished. While I’m certain I’ll be rethinking and second-guessing this decision for some time to come, I’ve resigned myself to take it off the easel and hang it up. Maybe when it’s no longer in my studio-space, I’ll feel differently.

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