Born from paintings I saw on a trip to the Dominican Republic (eons ago) and a desire to evolve my People of the land series, I created this new series.

I have to be honest, it’s been sitting in the current state in my storage room for over a year and I finally pulled it out and felt the inspiration to finish it. Mainly because of the work I’m doing on the “Sawsan’s Elephant Project” (see previous day’s posts).

The first People painting was a horizontal affair measuring some 48″ (122cm) x 24″ (61cm). I used a pallet knife and build the surface with heavy coats of paint, interspersed with glazings. I kept modifying the hues, until I felt this was right. The figures have no varnish on them, the sky has a thin matte varnish and the rest is coated with many layers of glossy varnish. Always using a pallet knife for the large surfaces and a brush for the smaller ones.

Gnetlemen of Some Distinction #1

Available to own: $400 (shipping and handling, if needed, not included)

Then I proceeded to make a series like I normally would for The People of the Land. Each of them is 12″ (30cm) x 24″ (61cm). This is the first picture of them I’ve taken. I hope to show the rest of the process from this point on.

Stay tuned, there’s more to come…

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