Let’s encourage and support our fellow artists!

I recently connected with an inspiring artist and art educator: Víctor Mauricio Rodríguez on LinkedIn. We embraced what social media allows us to continue, where isolation has left us wanting… sharing creative passions!

I’d like to share a little of what he shared about himself and his work, and encourage you to visit his sites to get more… Here’s how he describes himself…. I may have paraphrased the translation just a little.

“My name is Víctor Mauricio Rodríguez and I am a Costa Rican visual artist.
For 5 years now, I’ve dedicated my life 100% to art and creating paintings in my own abstract style. For me, art is a window to another dimension where I often we escape from reality and manage to transport others to a  world of imagination and freedom.
I have been creating art for 3 years under a style I call Nebulae, which is inspired to the nature of my country Costa Rica, For me nature is our main reason for survival where we need it to grow as humanity.”

by VMR (2020)

Listen & see a little demo on Victor Mauricio musica nueva

Like so many creatives who inspire me, Victor has several other projects in the works where he shares his passion…

The D’iacanto Project is the embodiment of our mission: ‘Where art takes shape’ or Arte Hecho Forma. This name was delivered as a new vision for furniture created and designed by artists, where each piece manages to be a work of art that fills your home with life.
We have planned to launch the first collection called “Costa Rica” which I designed and there are 9 pieces of furniture with names of places in my country that have caused feelings in my person like Drake Bay, Cocles, Irazu, Poas and Turrialba among some and with importance this  The last one that is the town where I was born, Turrialba is a canton in the province of Cartago where the main industry is sugar cane. Its awesome mountains and vast diversity of jungle greens; have nurtured and filled me full of colours I express in my work.”

Through The D’iacanto Project, I choose to support the Neonatology department of ​​the national children’s hospital and grow awareness to help newborns (who are the future of the planet). I think it is very important to protect the people who will make my beautiful country grow. If it is through my passion for art that I can accomplish this, it will be a labour of love that will unite many artists to support the world we live in

by VMR (2020)

You can see much more of his work on these following sites…


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