An obscure Joe Strummer song was playing on my Spotify daily suggestions and it reminded me of The Burning Man: both the movies and the festival. I suddenly started going through the list of cancelled summer activities I’ve been hearing on daily downer reports (aka the news) on the radio. thinking how some bands and organizers have been planing virtual concerts and events. I wondered what the Burning Man would be like with no crowds around the bonfires. It felt sad, boring, and somewhat evil… not in a fun way, either. If Italy and other suspicious countries find that this was all exaggerated, the next Burning Man might well be seeing giant effigies of world leaders burning. In the meantime, we should all find a space to dance to imagined live music and around imagined bonfires!

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3 thoughts on “Burning Man During Covid-19 – The Hollow Ones #37

  1. Yes I thoroughly enjoy imaginary bonfires. And imaginary trips to the cinema, imaginary dinner parties with imaginary guests. They’re a lot of fun. 🙂 I really like the picture of the burning man 🙂

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