Book Review: Mr. Granite is from Another Planet by Dan Gutman

Another hysterical read from Mr. Gunman! I loved this one too!!!

In case you’ve forgotten and are just taking life way too seriously, follow the kids in this story and see how beautifully funny the world must be when everything is literal.

Absolutely wonderful use of the English language. A brilliant illustration on how to become aware of the power of your words and expressions. It will really help you understand why and how some kids might not always understand us grown-ups. From their wonderful perspectives, we are all nuts!

Oh, and don’t think that the theme of numbering green gets lost in the joyful use of the 9 year olds language… it doesn’t for a second!
I can easily imagine designing a whole STEAM based lesson unit around the simple directives proposed at the start of the book: what can you do to save energy and waste less?

I already have a few other Gutman books lined up and I can’t wait to revisit the world through these kids’ eyes.


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