In preparation for my zen garden… before any rock or plants were laid in, I put down some earth that I’d been reclaiming on the side of my house for the last two years. It was a mix of topsoil, clay, compost, and sod-soil. It came out dry and granulated. I raked it over roughly and let it bake a little in the sun. One of my cats became fascinated with it and so did the local squirrels. They all left their marks on the surface. As the sun was setting, I crouched down as even with the surface as my old knees would allow me to, and took this shot. If I dispel reality for a moment I can imagine it as some lunar surface. Other than the hint of green from a fallen leaf in the upper right corner, I think my imagined interpretation of this image works.

Prints & more available at Arts MPerron @

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