Ok, this is a little awkward for me to write as a make, so please bear with me.

I wasn’t really listening to the teacher’s instructions, so I’m not sure if we were supposed to just free-flow our own processes, or not. I did that anyway. I mix my undercoats by instinct and apply them like some thick watercolours. I’ll build up as I go through my reflections process…

Let me explain that process for a second. I tend to work in series and also in spurts of activity. I do one process at a time. In this case the undercoat. I then stop and stare at my piece for as long as it feels right. I usually then walk away and the build-up continues in my imagination. Eventually, I come back and let my hands and unconscious mind have fun with what my imagination tells me to do. Then I tweak it.

In this case, the teacher insisted we do this from observation. That tends to fill me with all sorts of anxiety. I found a middle-ground and will do the final tour he’s by observation.

Because of time constraints (a complete work every week), I may only post the completed work next.


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