With and without being aware of it, I am always visualizing the process of making. I tend to be constantly thinking about it. I paint, sculpt, write, and make forever in my mind… sometimes even while I’m making something else. I don’t know if other artists work this way, but this daydreaming, this fantasizing, this visualizing is remarkable enjoyable, rewarding, and productive for me.

I’d framed the painting I want to make with a photograph. Loosely set the image in my mind. Then considered something my teacher mentioned about building the image with a limited palette…

I didn’t understand it all, but I could see some of what she said and felt I could start by seeing only contrasts, instead of colours… This will allow me to build from the back forward (I hope). I’ll try to explain that when I start painting the undercoats… So I edited the photo to a monochrome one and printed it out…

More to come…


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