Using a handmade marking brush: The handle is cut from a cedar branch with jute twine. The brush fibres are nylon bundling rope salvaged from the hardware store. The India ink surprisingly soaked into the fibres and dripped onto the paper… The fibres got more straight with the ink soaked into them and this allowed me a little more control over the lines and marks I wanted to make.

Originally drawn vertically, it had no distinct form. When I turned it horizontally, I saw what looked like the demon that possessed the great forest boar-god in Princess Manaoke. In that film, it seemed to me that the evil poured across the landscape and to be lost in a wind that further misshaped it.

Dimension: 11″ (28cm) x 15″ (38cm)

Materials: India ink on Watercolour Paper

Prints & more available at Arts MPerron @

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