When working on paper I love putting down the basic colours with dry pastels and leaving the dust on the surface. I find that gives texture and movement to the composition. It has to do with the colours blending and giving the work a better feel.

I’d never done it on a vertical surfacmwhere the dust would freely fall. So, I needed to work a little differently. I needed to be more purposeful with the colour choices. In this case, I knew I only wanted to get the base colours down to create a mood and texture. I feel it was very successful.

So much so, that I have been staring at this for several hours now (with the help of a small glass of Bourbon and the etherial musicianship of “Amigo the Devil” on Spotify.)

Stay tuned for the next steps…


One thought on “Self-Portrait Project – Sixteen (Part b) – Embracing What Works For Me

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