Ok, so maybe there are more than a few extra brushstrokes added here. I played on several thin layers of colours and then changed them with additional layers on top of them… I even came back to the earlier tones in some places. There are some paces that feel a lot less sculptural than in the other paintings I’ve done in this style and I think it might be the phenomenon of trying too hard to reproduce instead just being guided and influenced.

My style is frequently sculptural (so my professor very kindly pointed out) and I was struggling against this style by aiming for the looser colour spaces that David Park so beautifully uses. I guess I need to stay with my dark contours, or at least respect that they Are part of my voice.

The big realization with this painting was how much I enjoyed coming back to it with little dabs of paint. I usually feel too uncertain to just add blotches of colour. Here, it just felt good to take this chances; if I didn’t enjoy the result, I could just add more paint to change it with little or no frustration. It was just fun solving little visual questions.

Dimension: 24” (60cm) x 12” (30cm)

Materials: Acrylic on recycled canvas


2 thoughts on “Portrait Project – Inspired by David Park #3 – A few extra brushstrokes makes a big difference “SOLD”

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