While working on my main canvases, I’ve been plopping the extra paint onto separate canvases lately to see what might appear. I’m also trying to work out suggestions I get from fellow artists to improve the expression in my work. These are experimentations and I am painting them with the acceptance that I will most likely paint over them, or just keep adding to them. I only hope to post the ones that feel finished-ish.

In this case, the brushstrokes were purposefully in perpendicular directions, following an observation of how I love to work with textures. Someone suggested a few artists and specific works to consider and I saw the dynamics I didn’t fully understand before.

This is a random and from imagination face, painted very quickly and with heavy brushstrokes. I only like it from certain angles and in certain light… I feel it may get overpainted. I’ll see.

In the meantime, I’m opening the door for feedback on what you feel about this work… or, more specifically, how does it make you feel?

4 thoughts on “Getting Tired – Working Out Some Stuff…

  1. I to like texture, and the loose feel of this. But I get a different feeling from the one who commented before. A caged, boxed- in feeling, maybe because of the short, crossed lines, the largeness of the face in comparison with the small space he’s fitted into. The bugged-out eye adds an intensity too. A sense of anxiety.

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    1. Awesome insight, Deborah! I see the intensity and I hadn’t fully understood how to word it. When I’m in the making process, I seldom feel what I’m doing… I feel only the bliss of making. Thank you for your comment, it is very appreciated.


  2. I really am partial to thick brushstrokes. I really like this abstract piece. I turned it around and like it best with the dark green on the top rather than on the left side. It reminds me of darkness of winter and then the explosion of spring (yellows, pinks, red, cream) on the bottom of the painting. I makes me feel hopeful that there is something to look forward to.

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