It’s been a few days that I’ve been staring at the unpainted figure and the background, so far. I’ve been really enjoying the the rough blending of greens, blues and hints of yellow in the upper background, as well as the dark swatch across the lower third of the painting… the rest was still open to solving… So, I cranked my favs on Spotify – an awesome covers mix (go figure… I am starting to see my paintings as cover versions of the works that inspire me)

I started with a belief that the pants (jeans) would be a challenge and I started to overthink it, so I decided to let go and just dump some ultramarine on it, then dive into the shirt with phtalo-green. I painted thick to keep it wet, so I could start dumping on the titanium white and blending until I got the feeling I wanted. As I progressed in this, I started seeing what needed to be done to the paper and there table top.

Now for the big jump… the skin on the arms and face… the only thing I feel about it is that it should have pink in it…

Stay tuned… I’m starring at it for a (little) while…


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