RE: Painting my way through Kind Of Blue by Miles Davis.

The first solo, a blast of dark blue sound, pouring down over the composition with the force of a tsunami, but never indulgent enough to obliterate the other musicians… as with this application of paint, we can still hear/see the other components of the work.

The second solo, comes in from heaven’s hight, tight and sharp, building up the vibrations that will tumble the wall of sound, like Gabriel’s horn at the walls of Jericho. It stops abruptly and adroitly to let the memory of its vibrations do the rest of the work. The Payne’s grey thinly scraped across the canvas focuses our eyes on the clarity of its note and stops just when we want more of it. It enters the canvas at a fine point and reads us forward to what must come nest… the playful finally.

Stay tuned…


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