I don’t know about you, but the perils of plastics have been a topic of prominence for me for a long time now: recycling, choosing less packaging, reusing…

What to do with all that plastic?!?

A few years ago I read about someone working on bacteria that would eat plastics in landfills, but it didn’t address what else that bacteria might eat… I’m guessing smarter people than me asked that same question and it wasn’t adequately answered, because I haven’t heard about it since.

I have heard about these plant based plastics… from several sources! I really hope this is the solution!!!

Keep in mind that we MUST break from the oil/Gaz industry and let go of our dependence on fossil fuels!!!! That is one path to a greener planet!

Would you switch to plant based plastic if it was available???


3 thoughts on “A little good news — there’s hope for us yet!

  1. yes, of course! My sad news from Oklahoma is that our recycle center has closed indefinitely, due to a fire at the Tulsa recycling processor. Bummer. Now I’m back to putting the recyclables into the trash.

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    1. Wow! That sucks.
      I’ve been aware that most in places, only about 25% of what goes into the recycling actually gets recycled (at least here in Canada). I’d say the government has failed on that so far.
      With that knowledge I know the only thing I can do is be much more conscious of the packaging I consume. I can only choose less if it or find clever outlets for reusing it. Good thing I teach in an elementary school where all the teachers love reusing recyclables, like me…

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