Now be honest; dandelion flowers really are a beautiful and cheerful yellow, right???

Yes, they do mar that dream of a perfect green lawn, but is that perfect green so perfect after all?

Lawn grass is the least environmentally sustainable thing you can plant and maintain!!! Replace it with clover if you must have green: that will also make it less maintenance for you.

How beautiful could a whole neighbourhood of lawns with little flowers be? Can you picture a spread of white, pink, lavender, or red clover flowers, accented by the ton of bumblebees that love them? Can you picture the purple flowers and red leaves of a creeping Charlie spread across your entire lawn? How about the endless variety of wild posies mixed with wild strawberries as your growing cover?

Let’s be honest again; the perfect green is boring to look at and a pain in the ass to maintain! Especially when we have to consider all the extra water, fertilizer, pesticides, and mowing resources (gas or electric) it needs!

Mother Nature is simply a smarter and more experienced landscaper! I’m giving her the job this year!


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