Consider the wabi-sabi-ness of Monet’s Lilac Irises

As I stand before Monet's Lilac Irises, I am struck by the subtle beauty and peacefulness that emanate from this painting. The delicate brushstrokes, the soft lilac hues, and the gentle curves of the irises all combine to create a sense of wabisabiness - an appreciation for the imperfections and transience of life. Wabi-sabi is … Continue reading Consider the wabi-sabi-ness of Monet’s Lilac Irises


Lily Pads in the Sun – Fruitlessly Hunting for the Flowers at Noon

Another outing on my kayak and I thought I was better prepared with a wide brim hat and prescription sunglasses... you see, it is very glary on the water and very hard to see the camera screen... I'm also averse to the practice of taking dozens of shots and hope one is excellent, but with … Continue reading Lily Pads in the Sun – Fruitlessly Hunting for the Flowers at Noon

Pink Intensities

One of the benefits of having a terrace overlooking the water is the expansive view of the sky. It's been a particularly sunny summer (2022) and some of our potted flowers are loving it. As is my usual practice, I like to get in close to my subjects and try to look at them from … Continue reading Pink Intensities

A little good news — about multiculturalism These daisy-like flowers repel and often kill pests like mosquitoes and locust. The article says they are harmless to most animals and us, and alludes to being pollinator friendly. Let's hope we can find similar species around the world to plant in all produce crops and be rid of chemical pesticides that destroy our … Continue reading A little good news — about multiculturalism

Invasion of the Triffid-Snatchers

Are you a fan of the old black and white, alien invasion, b-movies of the 1960s? Take a look at The Day of there Triffids and try to figure out what the artistic director must have been thunking whence created the Triffids. They were supposed to be some plant-like aliens. In the book, if my … Continue reading Invasion of the Triffid-Snatchers

Puddles of Sulphurous Yellow

Every year my wife picks some typical flower for her outdoor flower pots; usually geraniums, daisies, chrysanthemums, etc... I tend to like weirder flowers, but we compromise on colours. I love yellows, both for the vibrant joy they evoke and for subtle decay they show while dying. Also, occasionally we can catch a stranger bug … Continue reading Puddles of Sulphurous Yellow

Violet Temptations

My plantain Lillies (hostas) infestation began with only a couple of plants from my father's garden; now there are so many that I can use them as ground cover for my entire lawn... well almost. The strange purple flowers that jut out of them on impossibly long stems waver in the wind as if vibrating … Continue reading Violet Temptations

A Little Yellow Peeks Out

I'm not sure what this little weed is; I only know it's beautiful! There are a few that pop up around my garden, from under a heavy cover of other plants. They almost always only have a single yellow blossom showing at a time and several waiting their turn. It is only about 2mm x … Continue reading A Little Yellow Peeks Out

A Procession of Pink

My Cabot roses are fading early this year, or so it seems to me. They only seem to last a day before wilting, but I may be imaging things due to my busy work schedule. I'm only really looking at them every few days. Regardless, I am endeavouring to capture the vibrant pink every chance … Continue reading A Procession of Pink

Jasmine Dreams

These small flowers are deceptively fragrant. The jasmine perfume permeates the whole house during the winter months and the backyard during the summer. They always start off white and just before desiccating and falling turn a lovely wine read. Seldom much more than an inch in diameter, they always attract everyone's attention. I can only … Continue reading Jasmine Dreams