Revisiting Some Unpublished Photos of 2020 – Strength Of Blue

I feel this is the perfect closing image for 2020. Pandemics and insane politics threatened our world and Mother Nature showed her strength and forgiveness by rapidly repairing our follies. The scientist in me knows she always will and she will do it with extreme beauty and unexpected grace, just like this little blue flower. … Continue reading Revisiting Some Unpublished Photos of 2020 – Strength Of Blue

The Sentinal

Standing tall, stoic Guarding life Guarding death Temporarily befriended by the sun Prints & more available at Arts MPerron @

Surrounded By Life

I went for a short walk around the garden as a break from my reading and my mind was open to seeing. I noticed these goldenrod weeds and wondered if they would look more magical up-close. To my surprise, they were full of bees of all sizes and shapes... It made me realize that nature … Continue reading Surrounded By Life

The First Sign of…

This floated onto our breakfast table early last week on a particularly windy day. Could this be an early sign of f... You know what? Let's not mential the other "F" word just yet and just enjoy the beautiful colours that appeared at the breakfast table on this particularly windy, Summer's day! Prints & more … Continue reading The First Sign of…

Details Of Beauty

I'm tempted to say nothing about this one and just ask you what you feel when you look at it... I saw this small damaged bunch of leaves hiding in the lush dark greens of other leafy plants from my garden. It stopped me in my tracks and I'm not sure why. I just find … Continue reading Details Of Beauty

A Brightness of Yellow

In a field filled with greens, there spoke a tiny voice loudly! this tiny yellow flower shone with such volume that it became a brightness of colour. It shouted, "see me shine, see my beauty, see my yellow"! It is beautiful, joyous, and glorious. Prints & more available at Arts MPerron @

Into It!

The Cabot rose bush is giving us the most gorgeous flowers this year! They constantly reach for the sun, especially after heavy rains. Get in close and see the ecosystem that plays within the folds of this beautiful blossom. To the naked eye, the petals look very fragile, but the camera has caught a robust … Continue reading Into It!

Andy’s Practice Space

Inspired by Andy Goldsworthy's work... I could imagine him wandering around small woods, dragging logs, branches, and trees this way and that, playing with how the natural light shines across the amazing textures, casting incredible shadows across the composition and his imagination. His photos always seem to force the eye to wander on a path. … Continue reading Andy’s Practice Space

A Tidy Nest-Making Kit

I'm not sure if someone was trying to make a nest under the snow; if this was a nest for the tiny field mice we see nibbling the backed scraps we throw out for the squirrels, or if this was a bundle prepared by one of the many industrious birds we see in our yard. … Continue reading A Tidy Nest-Making Kit


I challenge you to get close to the things you see in your environment every day. So many have become mundane with familiarity. Changing the perspective destroys most of that familiarity. If you have never seen one of these gargoyles before, can you accurately guess its true size? The closer I got the more I saw … Continue reading Gargoyle