For starters, this is an overpainted canvas, gessoed with recycled grey house paint… And I’ve been staring at it for weeks!!!

My research has been on David Park, Richard Deibenkorn, and Fernando Botero. Not sure why Botero became a focus, but his work has been showing up on so many of my works, that I felt compelled to pay attention to it. I think I’m attracted to the impression that all his figures are so firmly aware of the moment they are in while posing for the artist. Park & Deibenkorn ar a continuing obsession for their ability to capture a peaceful/blissful moment. The final component is my all consuming desire for a beach vacation with my lovely wife. We need to break free of the routines and recharge in the sun and sea.

This lovely lady is reclining on her towel at the beach, looking out over the see, which seems to be inseparable from the sky on this perfect day, and contemplating her bliss.

Note: this isn’t a conscious portrait of anyone I know. That being said, it could still be a fun reinterpretation of someone from memory. If you see yourself here, it might be you. (😉😉)

The canvas is 30″(76cm) x 30″(76cm) x 2″(5cm). I’m using acrylic paint and probably will use both pallet knife and brushes.

Stay tuned.


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