It feels like much longer than a week since I added colours to the initial layers as seen in the previous posting. I had started with bolder colours and felt that would be where it was meant to go, but it really wasn’t.

I started in on adding textures and movement in the sky behind the figure, then the skin tones just felt wrong. I wasn’t conscious of it, but now upon reflection, I realize there must be some of Picasso’s “Two Women Running on the Beach” in this piece. I’ve had that painting in my mind for decades now and have always been fascinated by the stoney feel of the skin on the figures. I went with my gut and put in white-ish tones for this skin too. I trusted the heavy textures on the canvas to help me get movement and life.

I initially thought of using a bright lime green for the bathing suit, but it wouldn’t have popped against the light skin, so I went with a rich Hookers Green instead… I knew I’d feel compelled to add brighter highlights, as you see here.

Then there is the sky… this is a great example of overworking the canvas… I got lost in building it up and now I feel the figure is lost in the mess. I’m stand-in g away to consider alternatives…

Stay tuned…


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