It sounds like we really need a Tony Stark about now, but this is no arc reactor. Let’s be honest, I have no idea what I’m talking about. All I know is the geek in me gets really excited about these kinds of scientific things!!!

I’ve been hearing about the holy grail of energy for decades and still don’t fully understand it. Fusion will produce and offer green-clean energy for the whole planet.

The dreamer in me hopes it happens soon; the cynic in me wonders what barriers all the current dirty energy monster corps will put up to save their piece of the pie. After all, we are talking about industries that generate most of the global economy. How do we overcome that?

Tesla, the inventor, not the car, had designed green energy systems and wifi over a hundred years ago, but got destroyed by the greed of a few powerful people who saw only $$$ in their dirty sources.

Have we really come far along enough to accept free energy?


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