Well, I’d say the jury is still out on this statement, but the logic explained in the article makes sense.

Smart devices are taking-on from us all the minutiae we needed to remember and offering us room to contemplate, reason, and think instead.

Could this be saying we are now in a better place to use our imaginations and then use the devices to aid us make what we imagine come to life?

Welcome to the techno-manifestation age!!!

I’m hopeful and open-minded, and still uncertain. I think I’ll look it up on my phone and get back to you 😏


2 thoughts on “A little good news — smart tech isn’t making us dumber

    1. If I understood the article, the premise states that our minds are evolving to use external memory systems, rather than internal ones. In the language of computers, we are adapting to use the cloud to store large bits of memory and only keeping the mnemonic triggers to retrieve that memory. In essence, it suggest we are adapting to think faster.

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