A little good news — we’re definitely back to the future with this innovation

http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/yacht-the-manta-generates-power-by-melting-waste-it-gathers/ The article speaks for itself and answers a few questions... I think it's a great step forward... I want to know what are the emissions from the fuel source. And, can this system be retrofitted to other vessels?

Monday’s Movers – Marcin Jakubowski

An open letter to Mr. Donald Trump (and every other leader who needs a kick in the ass to walk their talk!!!), Are you paying close attention to this amazing person? Inspired by the seemingly endless march of consumerism and the flip-side of this coin, built-in-obsolescence, Marcin Jakubowski set in motion the ultimate return to … Continue reading Monday’s Movers – Marcin Jakubowski