I had too much time on my hands during a workday, as my team decided we had done enough for the day, and I wasn’t sure what to do with myself. We were basically told to go and hide until the day was done. I wandered around the school I’m working in and found the art room. Oh, the temptation to use all the materials I don’t have in my bag was so very great! I knew my resolve to not take any was greater than my desire to grab stuff, but I had to try some new materials. They had these great watercolour blocks in primary colours (and black & white). I have gauche versions at home, but the pigment ration in these was too amazing to pass up. I closed my eyes and saw my inner devil appear. Funny how he always appears in a somewhat Basquiat-esque style. I wanted to add the words “Hiding in the open” to the page, but the small format didn’t feel right for them.

After using the watercolours, I felt it just mousse the electricity that emoted from my inner vision, so I added the reddish outline in oil pastel (also borrowed without permission). Now the electricity and immediacy / danger came through. I love this graffiti-ish feel. I imagine there will be more like this little devil.

See Arts MPerron for original and print purchase options.

watercolour & oil pastel on 140lbs cotton paper

12″ x 9″ (30.5cm x 22.9cm)


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