My plantain Lillies (hostas) infestation began with only a couple of plants from my father’s garden; now there are so many that I can use them as ground cover for my entire lawn… well almost. The strange purple flowers that jut out of them on impossibly long stems waver in the wind as if vibrating in response to some alien signal from space. The violet is never quite solid and seems to be perpetually draining from the nearly translucent blossoms. The stamen’s black anthers and long, thin filaments resemble fingers reaching out to grab any insect seduced unsuspectingly by their etherial beauty. Even the downward angle of the petals makes this flower look docile, as if enticing its prey with the illusion of non-danger.

While I played with the contrast and definition, the blossoms have their own light that reflects outward in a near neon quality.

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