I’m still really bothered by the whole copying consideration and even though calling the various inspirations studies of the artist, I still want to attempt original work. However, in comparison to my studies, I feel they don’t match up… well, to be honest, I am still copying my old styles, and they are what I feel don’t always match up to my new explorations.

I decided to overpaint a smaller canvas that I lost interest in. It was heavily textured with oil paint and I hoped that uneven surface would help me trust my new methods more… the first attempt became yet another version of one of my hollow-men. I am now thinking and feeling out how to make the figure more realistic like my newer works…

The title is exactly how I often feel about blank canvases… overwhelmed by possibility and options. Until I get that first mark on the canvas, it weighs very heavily on me.

Stay tuned for what changes I allow myself to make on this one… as I paint others simultaneously!


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