Never-mind that this is a very silly looking bird, the hat just throws into Monty Python silliness! Of course one must never forget the principle of good comedy and always ask what more can be added to the absurdity… that is where the flower in the hat came from.

I was really enjoying the now-dirty white watercolour puck and using it liberally to blend depth and texture onto the watercolour paper. I then had a decision to make followed by some doubt… would the oil pastel make it look too childish? Picasso’s voice always comes rushing in and I hear his quote about taking a lifetime to learn how to paint as authentically, honestly, and purely as a child. So, the pastels came on with more freedom and a new layer appeared on the composition.

Materials: Watercolour & oil Pastel on 140 lbs. cotton paper.

Dimensions: 12” (30cm) x 9” (22.9cm)

Original: $25

Prints and more available at Arts MPerron @


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