Bird, I Suppose – Sheet-music Scribbles 2023

This is kind of how I feel at the end of a good day. of teaching... fulfilled by the joy of working with my students and drained from being so very, very "ON" all day. I look back at my day feeling more full of colour and satisfaction, but having little mental bandwidth left to … Continue reading Bird, I Suppose – Sheet-music Scribbles 2023


A Reluctant King – Sheet-music Scribbles 2023

“Heavy is the head that wears the crown.” Any person who has been in a significant leadership position knows the meaning of that statement. A slightly modified version can be found all the way back in William Shakespeare's “Henry IV” and is often used to talk about the burden and difficulties of being a leader. Here … Continue reading A Reluctant King – Sheet-music Scribbles 2023

Presence – Sheet-music Scribbles 2023

Dominating the landscape with its presence, the bird is all there is to consider in its world. The orange body stands strong against its complimentary coloured background. The eye stares straight ahead and the beak points slightly upland forward... all the confidence in the world resides in this face. Who is it trying to impress? … Continue reading Presence – Sheet-music Scribbles 2023

YIKES! – Sheet-music Scribbles 2023

Every now and then we are reminded of our privilege when we visit a local pet store and see all the beautiful parrots in their cages. I see expressions of fear and sadness on their faces, and while I would love to have one of these gorgeous and intelligent creatures; seeing their faces reinforces my … Continue reading YIKES! – Sheet-music Scribbles 2023

Two Partridges, No Pear Trees – Sheet-music Scribbles 2023

For the month of December, I had been playing The 12 days of Christmas for my music appreciation class and they loved it... after playing it over and over again, for nine different groups, the song is imbedded in my subconscious. I think this is how these two came into being. I am equally positive … Continue reading Two Partridges, No Pear Trees – Sheet-music Scribbles 2023

Hypno-Bird – Sheet-music Scribbles 2023

My goal was to make the colours come alive: dynamic colours; fluid colours. Psychedelic or hypnotic could be used, but I feel they are just too easy... I want your eye to have a hard. time focusing on a single spot for too long; that. your mind will drag you back and forth across the … Continue reading Hypno-Bird – Sheet-music Scribbles 2023

Cut From Rousseau – Sheet-music Scribbles 2023

Some of my earliest inspirations (and fascinations) was Henri Rousseau's jungle foliage. The way he achieve both sharp definition and blurry movement simultaneously still sends me into an art-geek frenzy! I just love the textures that visually trigger all my senses. Maybe it's his rich use of greens and blues in a multitude of hues … Continue reading Cut From Rousseau – Sheet-music Scribbles 2023

Bird-ish – Sheet-music Scribbles 2023

I found myself absentmindedly looking through abstractions of birds and they were just sinking into my unconscious library, or so I thought. I feel I have a whole bunch of these odd avians running (yes, not flying) around my brain and they need to be set free... some already flew my cranial-coop last year, there … Continue reading Bird-ish – Sheet-music Scribbles 2023

Purposefulness – Music-book Doodles 2022

I believe I've drawn this one before, maybe even a few times, but always with a different intention or meaning. This bird is intently moving forward towards its destination and the noise (music) of the world around it, won't distract it from its course. I'm feeling this is a subconscious message to myself in the … Continue reading Purposefulness – Music-book Doodles 2022

Lonesome – Music-book Doodles 2022

The design comes from something I believe I saw (and probably saved) on Pinterest, and I played with it a little: the colours and dimensions are more my own. I think they're. may also have been something else in the inspiration: another bird or some detailed scenery... I don't recall. I feel the hazy, indistinct … Continue reading Lonesome – Music-book Doodles 2022