I feel I went out a little further on a limb for this one. I I have seen how salt mottles watercolour paints and wondered if it would do the same to ink… Well, not quite. The ink must have some alcohol or another form of solvent that isn’t waterbed, so the salt didn’t gather the pigments to the crystals, but it did give the surface an interesting sparkle.

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, I decided to paint directly onto the paper without making lines with a marker. The effect wasn’t immediately evident. In fact, it took several hours to dry and the colours seemed to continue bleeding into one another for a very long time.

The overall impression I get is one of a colourful bird hiding in the jungle canopy with a sunset sky behind it. What do you see?

I think I might try wetting the paper first before doing this technique again, just to see how it might bleed differently.

Stay tuned…


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