I didn’t want a traditional blue sky, but felt the need to have it there under the final colour. I contemplated making the sky green, red, and pink, but felt it wouldn’t give the contrast I desired against the shirt and pants of the figure. Also, I imagined the skin tones to be greenish-pink, so that might not work either.

I chose a pallet knife and I’m still uncertain it’s the texture I really want. It does give the windy movement I want to represent the sky, but may also distract from the figure… it might be too busy. We will have to see when I finish the figure how I feel.

Another challenge is that I’ve fallen in love with matte finishes. It is all I’m purchasing moving forward, but I still have lots of glossy paints to use up, so I decided to finish this with a matte Naples Yellow. By the way, I think the matte paint is helping me move away from the use of bold contours and outlines I have been comfortable with for so long. It also helps me see the painting without the frustrating glares from the artificial lights I need in my studio.

Stay tuned…


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