See T’Hed Seventeen for previous progressions…

Seventeen inspired me to return to fewer faces in my composition and I stopped and contemplated for some time before adding the second small face. I feel the two-face arrangement feels the best, but that is always changing for me… arg and yay!

I felt a preoccupation with the floating shapes for this one and they helped me decide on the second smaller face… I simply wanted to emphasize them and enjoyed the light blue I used in Seventeen. This yellowish paper stock posed a challenge… I didn’t think white would be enough of a contrast against it, so I took a chance with a pale pink instead, which helped the conte yellow eyes explode and the conte lips to pout with angst… I think pink against black always works for angst! I love it! It feels very post-apocalyptic! The floating blue shapes feel like windows on normalcy that are loosing a battle with reality. I feel I need to play with this colour palette more…

maybe on another paper stock…

maybe on the canvas that is already primed to go…

Stay tuned…


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