See T’Hed Sixteen for previous progressions…

This one was drawn on a wonderfully rich, Sienna-orange paper that I felt could allow for some fun contrasts with oil pastels… I didn’t want to hide the paper, so I chose to make fewer and bigger faces that it could shine through with. I also felt I could explore a tiny contrast with the floating shapes…

I started with the conte for the eyes, teeth and lips, avoiding the use of bright red that bothered me in the previous drawing. I then changed up the colour for the floating shapes and chose the complimentary blue against the orange paper… one small square used a darker blue that is hardly visible after the blending process… it just looks wonderfully muddy. I finished with a thin white sky and black base… the blending of the sky got very messy and added movement that I liked.

I feel I’m onto something with this and that I need to consider how I’m going to make this work in paint… maybe it will have to be acrylic over dry pastels to keep that muddy colour feel… that will have to wait a bit…

Stay tuned…


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