See T’Hed Nineteen for previous reflections…

As mentioned in the previous post, I am pursuing the answer to my question: can I make mature art with children’s materials?

The challenges of using crayons on card stock don’t seem to be prohibitive. I’m starting to think that it might be in my head. Of course I can’t make the colours as thickly vibrant as oil pastels, not achieve the foggy moods of dry pastels, and it is completely different to any paint effects I enjoy. However, I feel there is something here… Mostly, it caters to an immediacy of expression. In other words, it allows me to work fast and instinctively; without overthinking the process too much. Is that a good thing?

Maybe the answer to that question is a subjective as art itself. The current challenges reside in the. limited pallet of colours I have to choose from… this is no fault to the Crayon company… I grabbed a bag of old crayons my daughter was tossing out. It makes the use of complimentary colours challenging, but not impossible. I’m actually excited by this challenge.

One thing for sure, I haven’t yet felt that I can’t teach more complex art concepts using this material, so I’ll continue exploring it for a while longer… at least until this stack of card stock is used up.

Stay tuned for where this goes…


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