See previous reflections at T’Hed Twenty-One

So, I seem to be drawn to multiple faces on each composition and I’m not sure why… Maybe fear that the composition is too weak if not more complex. I keep hearing the statement “it’s not the amount of time it took to make this work that dictates its value; rather it’s the years spent learning how to make art.” For me, this goes hand-in-hand with Picasso’s quote about spending lifetime learning how to paint like a child. Letting myself go and trusting my instincts has become the driving force in work. The purity of my expressions come from within and only get muddled when I overthink the work. “Trust the process!”

I wanted to play a little more with the face on this one and let the dynamics develop from simpler contrasts. My eye is focused in on the face and the orange shapes are allowed to float freely, distracting my eyes away from the face, then bringing the focus back to the red lips and expanding throughout the face, then back to the orange shapes… on and on it goes thus.

Stay tuned for the next perspectives…


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