See T’Hed Twenty-Two for previous developments

Following my realization that Crayola crayons deliver better and more vibrant colour values, I chose to push more pigment into the card stock paper. Yes, I know I’m back to the multiple aces, but I decided to rest something and stick the faces together. It worked. I’m just not sure about the eye colour on the blue-ish face. I feel had I made them black, it would have glued the two faces too much; this way there is contrast… maybe red or dark green eyes would have been better. On that matter, I see I need to start hunting for better quality wax crayons and start being more selective about my colour pallets. Yup, a good red would be nice!

Well, that will have to wait until I exhaust this bad of old crayons or my card stock. For now, I’m determined to attack the challenges of working with limited pallet choices. All part of the material explorations.

I haven’t figured out how I could use all this with my high school students, but I feel the elementary classes could deffinately have more fun with crayons! I know I’m loving this pure outcome. It just flows and feels meditative to make.

Liminal Art! Maybe that’s the next art movement! Let’s hashtag it and see what happens.


Stay tuned…


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