I’ve been trying to get myself into a creative mood, as you know from my last few postings…One of the ways was to set up some materials for projects to do over my Summer break from teaching. So, I’ve been scavenging for materials and finding discarded bits and bobs, including this small chink of soapstone and some old carving tools. My impetuous was to try and assuage my deep desire to work with clay again. Since I have no kiln at the moment, sculpting in different materials will allow me to use my hands and make stuff. Also, like with clay, this requires some letting go of the end results and allowing the material to show me the way.

The soapstone I choose if naturally grey, unless you add some mineral oil to it and then all sorts of greens can shine through. The box of carving knives is green… I chose to remove the colour saturation to leave me more of a black canvas to let my imagination work on. I’ve been revisiting this picture daily for about a week now and hope to start sketching some ideas soon.

Stay tuned…

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