See T’Hed Fifty-One because you really want to and you know it!

Still sticking with the yellow-ish printer paper as my substrate (and I’ve prepared several others with it…); I glued on some wallpaper and old (cotton paper) music sheet pieces. I let it dry before painting on some gouache, and let dry again. This is where I really got frustrated with the oil pastels! They give a more opaque covering of the surface, which I like, but the colours really get messy with the black I used for outlines, and they don’t deliver the cool textures I got with the wax crayons.

Well, this remains my experimentation and exploration, so I never let myself get too bogged down with whatever perfection might be, instead I repeat the mantra I always tell my students: “Artists don’t make mistakes; they work with them”

Stay tuned for different explorations…


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