Over two years ago I was challenged by a drawing teacher in an exciting way: He called them Goya Squares. He cut-up (photocopies) of Goya & Durer etchings into small 1″ square(ish) pieces so we couldn’t recognize the original artwork. He captured my curiosity when he suggested we don’t look for the original these pieces came from; instead we should allow out imaginations to extrapolate them into something completely new… we were told to use nib-pens or very fine markers… colour was optional and not encouraged for the drawing part. I’ve been wanting to try this again for quite some time and just haven’t been motivated to do it. I didn’t want to remember the original work, but didn’t want to ask anyone else choose the pieces. So, I picked three works I felt had potential, printed them out and placed them face-down on my desk for a couple of weeks… hoping I’d forget my choices. I then randomly cut up my print-outs without looking at them. Then I mixed up the pieces and turned them over, before selecting these to work with.

I’m hoping to carve out some quiet time to start this and hope what happened when I took that pre-covid class will happen again: I’ll get hooked again on drawing.

Stay tuned…

Here are the originals for you to see. I’ve been squinting to blur them from my mind when adding them for you.


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