For more explorations, see T’hed Fifty-two

First let me say I did the following five pictures on the same day… the purpose was to push an experimentation with the previously prepared papers (collaged with wallpaper and music sheet paper, and painted with gouache)… When I last wrote on T’hed, I wanted to get away from pastels and see what crayons might do on these surfaces… I also switched to using China markers for the outlines.

A little aside on china markers; they are the waxy substance wrapped in paper that you are to gradually pull a string down the side of to cut the paper then unravel it… what I forgot, and very, very quickly remembered was that you need to find a perfect length to stick out of the paper, or it breaks… now, I was sitting in the sun to draw and that might have made the material even more fragile, but… well… let’s just say I’m done with China markers and move on!

As for the crayons, I’m probably done with them too. In this image, I feel I wasn’t sure how to achieve the correct covering on the layered substrates and maybe my colour choices were off, but I don’t feel I got a nice contrast and clarity of the image. It got better the the remaining four…

Stay tuned…


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