See the following posts for the first 8 wall photos: One – An intro to Wabi-Sabi; Two – Wabi Sabi Reds; Three – Remnants; Four – Natural Variations; Six – Bricks; Seven – Giving In; Eight – Imperfect Beauty; Nine – Textured Landscapes.

Oddly, I am unable to locate the fifth posting. So, I will post it here first, before continuing the series. (Note: I did post it to other sites, including my Artist website:

This building only recently underwent renovations to the outside of the building. It was covered in ugly and faded aluminum siding from the 1980s. It must have been a pleasant surprise to uncover such beautiful bricks underneath. You may not be able to see them, but a great many repairs have been done to this wall to preserve the look of the bricks: the only obvious fixes are the repointing of the mortar and the appearance of having been washed with water, instead of the sandblasting that was once so popular. We can see the signs of age on these bricks, even the cleaner ones. What a beautiful effect to see a building of several stories all surfaced in bricks. So much warmer than the glass and metal modern structures, don’t you think? 

More to come…


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