A little good news — this one’s for all us art nerds

http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/adopt-notre-dame-gargoyle/ In the Many parts of North America, the public can adopt a piece of the highways to contribute to public funds (and get tax breaks). For years now, my family has been adopting (fostering by donation) animals as gifts to our children. My wife now does this for an elephant and two chimpanzees. I'm … Continue reading A little good news — this one’s for all us art nerds

A little good news… about environmentally cool art

This is cool Dir several reasons... one, the possibility of experimenting with a different paint colour on canvases, and there's more! The possibilities for architecture that contributes to the reduction of global warming!!! http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/purdue-university-indiana-whitest-paint-for-buildings/ Ok, maybe it's the art and science geek in me, but this is really, really cool!!! (The pun might be intended😏)

Montreal Walls Project – Six – Not All Bricks Are Red

Somewhere around the 1970s, the building were getting surfaced with yellow bricks; not bright yellow, of course, which would have been spectacular to see, but these warm, beige bricks with a hint of yellow in them. While the grime of urban pollution could be easier to wash away from these bricks, it seems the graffiti … Continue reading Montreal Walls Project – Six – Not All Bricks Are Red

Montreal Walls Project – Four – Uncovering Natural Variations (Thank you, Dad!)

While the most common bricks in Montreal are of a warm red, there are also a great many made of a terra cotta mixture. When they are dry, they show only subtle variations in colour, but after the rain has touched them they explode with variations. This wall reminded me of a cherished story my … Continue reading Montreal Walls Project – Four – Uncovering Natural Variations (Thank you, Dad!)

Montreal Walls Project – Three – Remnants of The Old City

Montreal is over 375 years old and the original city was build with hand hewn stones often quarried near the waterfront. These building stones can still be found in the foundations of the oldest buildings. These look and feel of these stones is so indicative of the architectural history here that you can also see … Continue reading Montreal Walls Project – Three – Remnants of The Old City

Colonizing Decay

We saw loads of these little mushrooms all over the Morgan Arboretum forest... on dead and dying trees, and on the lower sides of tall healthy-looking trees too. Trees of all diameters and species. The commonality is that these paper-thin and undulated-surface fungi always grow in what looks like a colony. Bu themselves, they appear … Continue reading Colonizing Decay

Urban Summer Days

I took this one last Summer. Here in Montreal, we have loads of older buildings. many are hard to see from the street, as the owners have often resurfaced the street-fronts. However, find your way down alleyways, and into backlot parking spaces, and you'll find the abundance of Victorian architecture that shines around our fair … Continue reading Urban Summer Days

Natural Architecture – For Humanity

Upturned roots, crumbling rocks, tossed-around branches... all combine into fantastic structures. I would love to see a city built from such an inspiration. Massive edifices twisting and intertwining; made of steel, concrete, and glass. Giant sustainable living spaces, fled with living plants, greenhouses, and walkways for people to live healthy lives. No more stress-inducing strait … Continue reading Natural Architecture – For Humanity

Herritage Architecture in Montreal

I believe these silos are part of the Five Roses flour mill on the Old Port of Montreal and there's discussion of it's future, as well as the landmark Silo #5 close by. I'll let you do your own digging into the architectural significance of these silos, as my report would be quite long. I … Continue reading Herritage Architecture in Montreal

Weather Report – Chance of Mondrian Skies

I was intending to give it a uniform sky colour, but my focus kept going to the geometric shapes seen in the tower and between the buildings. It reminded me of a Mondrian painting, so I thought, why not...? I'm still uncertain the white user-sky was the right choice, but I sometimes have that fear, … Continue reading Weather Report – Chance of Mondrian Skies