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Down from the Basilica on Francois Xavier in Old Montreal, you can get a glimpse of both the amazing bricks used in construction over a hundred years ago and how the city developers have preserved the facades of old buildings. Juxtaposed with these old facades are very modern additions that at a quick glance seem to mimic the. old aesthetics. In the case here, we see an addition that connects two red brick structures and they’ve used what looks and feels like actual, grey stone for the new bricks. In my view, the renovation would have been perfect had they not chosen the black aluminum windows, but they got the style and shape of the windows right. It. was a cloudy but bright day and the sun, as is usual in Montreal summers always finds its way through the clouds and onto the walls. I really enjoyed the angle I took for this image, as I feel it captures the challenge any property owner in Montreal encounters on older buildings… nothing ever seems to be level; it might be straight, but never level. There are always lines sloping in all directions.

More to come…


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