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Red brick walls fascinate me and I’m not entirely sure I know why, much less really want to unpack why they do. I think it has to do with the organic mix of colours and textures that appear in time on the bricks. They seem to start out in a more or less uniform terracotta colour… Move ahead several decades and something magical has happened: we can see the various repairs, repointing, whitewashing, graffiti, and partial cleanings. in the case of this space, we can see how there might have been placards, posters, and billboards placed on the surface as semi-permanent fixtures and the march of time continued around them. For me it develops into a rich and organic touch of mankind, without to much intention… in other words, these sorts of surfaces reflect the Wabi-Sabi aesthetic that so inspires much of my own artwork. Undoubtedly, I’ll capture more of these walls in different regions of town. This one is in Old Montreal.

More to come…


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