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Living in the Northeast of Canada has it’s pros and cons… weather is usually a lot of both, especially here in Montreal where we can have dramatic weather systems changing throughout any given day, as well as vast temperature fluctuations between days. This adds a specific kind of challenge to the building materials being used, especially anything stone-like, as the humidity can get into it and when it gets really cold that humidity expands and shatters the bricks, stones, etc… while these explosions only tend to occur on a minuscule scale, the results do show over short periods of time. Such has occurred in these bricks, where the surface has popped off, despite layers of whitewashing paint on them. The patterns, if there really are any sometimes seem to be saying something, like the old analog computer cards or musical notes. maybe the building itself is calling out its message to the passersby: look at me; pay attention to me; listen to my story, to what I’ve seen… The city walls are full of stories to enjoy, if you let your imagination soak them in…

More to come…


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