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The day was blisteringly hot and the river was churned by the strong winds I was rowing against; my phone, my only camera, and the possibility of success greatly hindered by the constant water spray, blinding sunlight, and unsteady preach of the kayak where I sat to take this shot. Not all walls are accessible by walking around the city, some are hidden and only possible to capture when the timing is right. This Graffiti remains hidden most of the time and I saw only the third eye on my first rowing past it, but this day the water was very, very low and the whole mural with all the attempts at complimentary additions appeared. The faded band across the eyes may be due to years of scrubbing by ice during the spring thawing. I feel it adds to the mystery of possible symbolism intended by the anonymous artist. You can find this wall about one kilometre west of the Jacques-Bizard bridge in Sainte-Genevieve, Qc. There are very few concrete retaining walls left in this area and it is my understanding no more allowed, so this may be the only Graffiti of this sort in the area.

More to come… from other walls, of course…


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