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The following dozen or so photos were all taken on a day spent with my amazing daughter, walking around Le Plateau de Montreal (off boul. Mont-Royale). I had intended looking for the decaying walls I often found in the core of downtown Montreal or on the Old Port, but I found a plenary of murals in various states and I chose to grab how I felt they enhanced the walls, as well as the perspectives of the viewer. Well, my perspective, at least. This dynamically layered mural has the eye wandering in all directions, following the views of many of its subjects, and even looking across the street to see if some details aren’t reflections in windows. As in many of the more elaborate murals around the city, there is very little vandalism or graffiti making the composition. There is a sense that artists and wannabe artists respect the work for the extraordinary wonder it delivers to the wall and all the viewers who experience it. I tilted my camera to add the sense of dizziness that permeates the whole mural, but is lost when one steps back to try and absorb it all at once. In my opinion, it moves the imagination more to get close up and allow the intertwining narratives call out to you in a competitive and cacophonous chatter.

More to come…


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